The Dragonfly (Work on Spreading Happiness)

I wrote this poem for a dear friend of mine when she was going through a rough time. I think that my happiness sometimes revolves around my ability to try and make others happy. Naturally, I want my loved ones to be happy too. It’s a bit corny but sometimes a random reminder that we are loved is the only solution when you can’t deliver the solutions to another’s lack of happiness.

This is a long lost tale about an exceptional dragonfly, whose job was to give gifts and help others get by.

But these gifts weren’t presents in a box with a bow, they were special, unique, and are needed to grow.

The dragonfly granted these gifts when people were good, they were encouragement for them to behave as they should.

In a faraway town their lived a girl who behaved all day and each time she was patient when gifts were given away.

This little girl’s name was Valentina and she would always hide underneath a gentle drizzle where the puddles collide.

She loved books and color and anything enchanted- but through the years she wondered, “When will my gift be granted?”

One day Valentina saw the Dragonfly that she has always known and in slight bitterness she asked, “When will my gift be shown?”

“I know it’s not right to keep asking and be jealous,” She said. “But I feel left out sometimes and confusion fills my head.”

“I already gave you a gift, but it’s more complex than your friends.” While others lose their gifts, yours never ends.”

“Your gift is to be remarkable and others couldn’t hold it. It’s far too large a gift and you’re the one that fit.”

“Now that you are grown there is something you need to understand. Your gift is to help others as I do and always lend a hand.”

“Sometimes, I think it gets tough to always be remarkable. Because the people around you might seem ill-mannered and dull.”

“People can seem pushy to get what they need because just as you have, they want to succeed.”

“You’ll have days you get tired and say, “Where is the time just for me?” and sometimes a thank you doesn’t follow the time you gave for free.”

“You’ll have days it will be difficult to just relax and have fun. It gets hard being the person who always gets things done.”

“Sometimes you’ll want to take a break and give yourself a rest, but your job as a person is to make the better become the best.”

“Your meant to keep doing what you’re doing- but don’t hesitate to ask, because you might need some help in completing a task.”

“You didn’t realize,” said the dragonfly, “I couldn’t always be around and it was a happy blessing the day that you were found.”

“There are some people in this world who don’t know what to do. That’s why I’m so grateful for someone as remarkable as you.”

After I presented this to my friend we smiled together. It was a beautiful moment and it made me happy. I am not saying go Shakespeare on someone if you don’t think it would suit them. Maybe just work on a random note, token, or sentiment because when you work on spreading happiness it grows for you.


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  1. “. It’s a bit corny but sometimes a random reminder that we are loved is the only solution when you can’t deliver the solutions to another’s lack of happiness.” This is so well said and true. This is why you’re wonderful- you know these things. This is why your emotional intelligence is through the roof.

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