50 Ideas for The Muppets – An Open Letter from a Lovable Crazy

Hello/Hi-ho Imagineers, 

I am writing to you today because I have this semi-ridiculous file in my desk drawer called Pretend Conversations with Jim Henson. I’ve been compiling it’s contents for a while and I think you should know about it. 

Before I share it, you should know that this is coming from a fan who has incorporated The Muppets into my life events. Such as, my engagement party and wedding.  

(Evidence below of cupcakes and my homemade cake topper, see what I mean?) 

So naturally, I’m pumped that Disney+ announced that a new “unscripted” series, titled Muppets Now will debut sometime in 2020! To celebrate, I’m sharing some story ideas and thoughts with  @TheMuppets, from my above mentioned file (in no particular order and for their consideration).

It should also be noted that, while @MuppetCentral followers will probably comprehend the references to a greater extent, I still believe they still deserved to be shared to all. Enjoy. 

  1. There should be a Learning Lab makerspace/studio show that hosts live experiments with traveling-guest characters and people of interest. 
  1. I have a proposal for a new puppet who, under the mentorship of Walter (your biggest fan) will act as a field agent in search of hyper-relevant material. She could be the offspring of The Newsman, Louis Kazagger, or perhaps one of the Nigels. At times, she can be a bit flakey as well as sassy, but in the end, she’s just a girl who loves to learn. 
  1. Andy & Randy, Miss Piggy’s nephews have an origin story which needs a voice. Also- if the three of them went on a vacation together it would be hilarious. It could be a social experiment. Also, doesn’t Kermit have like 2400 siblings including his adorable nephew Robin? That’s a lot of conversations and minivans.
  1. Another origin story I’d like to see is how Sam, Harry, Yorick, and Kermit became friends in the first place. Harry the Hipster could discuss hyper relevant Science world trends.
  1. Muppet Learning Lab Inc. could have sponsors like Sam, from Sam and Friends, who now does commercials for hair growth formula. Rizzo (the hungry Rat who always tries to work an angle) can be in charge of promoting these. 
  1. Another Sponsor could be Bill, from Bubble Guy Hats, who promotes hats that were worn by Soap Opera celebrities. 
  1. Angus McGonagle could intentionally interrupt conversations people are having about Star Wars in revenge for the interruption of his (one-time chance) for fame on The Muppet Show. 
  1. The best fundraiser I ever went to was this guy who let people beat up his car. He had a bat and a crowbar and charged people money to take swings. It was a great way to relieve stress/anger and the proceeds went to charity. Now imagine Animal hosting the event. Am I right? 
  1. Animal, everyone’s favorite wild drummer, needs to make a short Fluffy Bunny Rabbits documentary. Petting zoos and Easter Bunny sightings could be good here.  
  1. Beaker should be a contestant on a dating show. He only had that unnamed girlfriend in the Letters to Santa Christmas movie. It could be called the Science of Love. 
  1. Maybe Camilla and Gonzo could discuss their horrible first date with couples who have had similar experiences. 
  1. Guests and Muppet dogs, like the Afghan Hound, Baskerville, and Foo Foo, could attend Rawlf’s professional development event that explores his curiosities through the lens of his actual career, as Veterinarian, Dr. Bob. 
  1. Dr. Phil Van Neuter could do the NeuroScience version on this episode. 
  1. Beauregard needs to pick people who need a ride to the show in his taxi. He makes all guests sit next to his wooden-handled mop that smacks them in the face on sharp turns. Rufus the dog can also work at the taxi agency. 
  1. I’d also like to see George the Janitor, Beauregard’s mentor, chat with people in retirement homes about what makes them happy. There could also be special appearances by Pops (Stage-doorman of The Muppet Theater), Cheese-knife-designer Mildred Huxtetter, Zelda Rose the Librarian, and Hilda the Seamstress. Geri and the Atrics can do the music. 
  1. Floral Bouquets with Beautiful Day. A Monster and his Dream is about having “how were you named” conversations with people. 
  1. Behemoth, plate specialist, can cover a gifting thoughtfully/collectors episode. In the episode he can tour and comment on people’s commemorative collections and sentimental keepsakes. 
  1. Maybe the Cannibals Big Mean Carl, Beautiful Day, Gorgon Heap and the Frackles need to attend the Stop Eating That Intervention where people can be interviewed about strange diet habits. 
  1. There are roughly 1500 Bobby Benson’s Baby Band members. Where are they now? I bet they could tell one hell of a “sometimes dark” story. 
  1. I’d like to see Bobo, Andy and Randy, and Clueless Morgan talk about Science. 
  1. I’d also like to see Brewster talk about Philosophy and Meditation with Dr. Teeth. 
  1. Bunsen Honeydew should explore his quest for the perfect grilled-cheese sandwich further by trying to open up a sandwich shop. 
  1. I feel like someone might have missed the Muppet Foods market in general. Could there be a demand for edible paper clips or mulligan stew? How does the Seven-foot Carrot character fit into this? So many questions here. 
  1. How did Clifford become a Jazzy Hawaiian? I’m curious about the music scene on the islands from his perspective. Maybe he can interview some Jazz Influencers over piña coladas and pineapple pizza?  
  1. I wonder about what the Clodhoppers would learn if they visited a drill team competition. 
  1. Constantine and Uncle Deadly can teach people about predator species in nature by creating a spooky and laughable documentary on wild animals. Thog and Sweetums should probably be there.  
  1. Crazy Harry would probably learn a lot if he hung out with a real demolition crew for the day. I’d imagine this might be funnier if he plays both Donald (the sensitive guy) and Harry using a Jekyll and Hyde approach. 
  1. Dr. Julius Strangepork needs better connections with NASA. This is really long overdue. 
  1. I want to see the bandmates of Electric Mayhem and the Jowls interview celebrities about jobs they used to have before they became musicians. 
  1. Emily Bear needs to do a special with co-host Mama Fiama about moms. 
  1. Fazoobs, Chickens, Bossmen and the Cactus Quartet should go on a concert tour together where the final performance takes place on planet Koozebanian. 
  1. I’d like to know what Fleet Scribbler, gossip writer turned tax auditor, found in people’s garbage and pockets. What’s in There? Gametime.  
  1. I wonder what The Flying Zucchini Brothers would learn about stunts and Italian food if they visited nearby State Fairs.  
  1. Someone should probably explore Dad Jokes on the street with Fozzy Bear and Mr. Poodlepants. 
  1. Sometimes I think about what it would be like if The Frog Scouts and the Woodland Creatures took a journey along the Appalachian Trail. There is a freshwater community of creatures dying for a debut here. 
  1. Someone let Gladys the Cafeteria Lady visit some actual schools and weigh in on the quality of the meals. Special guests can include Luncheon Counter Monster
  1. Gonzo needs to interview people who have struggled with being brave. This could also be a cool concept for people who want to try something new (like a stunt) and/or something adventurous for the first time. 
  1. What’s the progress on Jacques Roach’s book about a cockroach who turns into a man? Perhaps a few interviews with authors about their book ideas will fill this void. 
  1. I think I would enjoy (being a resident myself) seeing Johnny Fiama explain the culture and music scene of New Jersey. The Javas can perform this theme song. Sal Monella, Johnny’s chimp-bodyguard, would naturally be there and Lew Zealand, the boomerang fish-thrower and the misunderstood Mulch Heap can make appearances. 
  1.  If J.P. Grosse, ruthless and greedy real estate owner, weighed in on his thoughts about the non profit scene of business, I think The Sharks would love it. Plus, he is Scooter’s uncle, which I think could be an excellent segway for conversations about Leadership. 
  1. Who would say NO to Link Hogthrob, star of “Pigs in Space” at Comic Con? NO-ONE. He could interview people there in return for mini S.S. Swinetrek Spacecraft models. 
  1. I’ve seen a lot of Sweedish chef cooking. What I haven’t seen is PePé, the King Prawn, discussing all his dining experiences with what he refers to as the “womens.”
  1. Maybe Lubbock Lou Jughuggers could learn a thing or two from the banjo-playing community of Tennessee. Hatfield and Mckoy spinoff? Yes Please. 
  1.  Mahna Mahna and the Snowths is still legitamy entertaining to all age groups. I played the original song and the Mahna-main Rhapsody videos to a bunch of middle school students and they loved it. More interruptions of this kind should be throughout the show. 
  1. Lydia the Pig and Sam Eagle could interview people about their tattoo art. Apparently she has a Washington Crossing the Delaware tattoo. Americana Art anyone?  
  1.  I’ve enjoyed pointing at and saying “gentleman if you please” to my Statler and Waldorf picture (now action figure) for a number of years. The roasting of the digital content from social media platforms is in endless supply. I smell an opportunity. 
  1.  I always wondered why members of the Muppaphone never revolted or at least tried to encourage Marvin to stop playing music on their heads. Maybe they should take him to an arcade to play Whack A Gator with a friend.  
  1. The Moopets plus Real-life Vegas celebrity impersonators is a match made in heaven folks. Is it possible to, at the very least, arrange a coffee between Splurge and Grimus?
  1. Wanda and Wayne could attend concerts and ask people about lyric recognition and analysis, since this cute couple is always getting the end of songs incorrect, maybe they could try to convince people on the street that the lyrics they suggest are the actual words used by the bands/artists.  
  1. I’ve saved Piggy and Kermit for last (ek, I guess I am negating my no particular order clause afterall, my bad) because I think a lot can still be done with these characters in regards to love. I’d like to see them talk to couples about their journeys in seeking meaningful companionship(s). 

Thoughts and Crazy Conversations Welcomed. 

With Love, 

Erica Yvonnet @TheMerriment 

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