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What is Pirate Calm?

Captain’s Log: Day Present  

When it seemed like my search for a Calm Brain was nowhere to be seen, finally, there is hope.   

Entry One: Three Thoughts

Previous: If my Brain were one of those fancy computer screens, I’d have hundreds of tabs open and one of those tabs would be playing a terrible-shanty music video. 

Honest: I understand not feeling great about having a lot of distracting thoughts. 

Hopeful: I can solve this emotional dilemma and relax.  

New Discoveries: Usually Works 

I try practicing a technique of what I call, “The Merriment.”  

Instead of allowing my brain to get distracted by negative things, I worked on combining the following emotional scenarios: 

  1. This makes me angry/upset. (Yes, embrace this briefly).
  2. I will try to say one positive statement about this. 
  3. Is there possibly a joke that can be made about this situation? 

Possible Epiphanies : Helps My Brain Feel Calm and Relaxed  

  1. Even self-proclaimed pirates like me can do this. 
  2. It’s important to relate and laugh through the process. 
  3. For every one negative thought, find two positives. 

#PirateCalm #Work4Happy   


The 12 Ways We Act

The word Action, as a noun, is defined in 12 different ways

There are also 12 different ways people are approaching today’s world: 

1. Some people are doing good things while others are doing bad things. 

2. Some people are using their will power negatively or positively. 

3. Some people are trying to accelerate Action by means of force. 

4. Some people perform Action(s) through emotions, movements, and/or gestures. 

5. Some people prepare to take Action through political policies and procedures. 

6. Some people are relentlessly engaged in the unfolding of the Actions of others. 

7. Some people are fascinated about past Actions and how they have operated or worked.

8. Some people indulge personally to seek a piece of the Action for financial gain. 

9. Some people are unaware as they are only amused by sex as an Action. 

10. Some people are excitement seekers and addicted to being where the Action is. 

11. Some people are self-proclaimed directors and they demand immediate Action. 

12. Some people like to spin the Action(s) of others around to fit their own agendas. 

How people get ready to take Action on practical outcomes differs from person to person.

We all want Acts of Change.