What is Pirate Calm?

Captain’s Log: Day Present  

When it seemed like my search for a Calm Brain was nowhere to be seen, finally, there is hope.   

Entry One: Three Thoughts

Previous: If my Brain were one of those fancy computer screens, I’d have hundreds of tabs open and one of those tabs would be playing a terrible-shanty music video. 

Honest: I understand not feeling great about having a lot of distracting thoughts. 

Hopeful: I can solve this emotional dilemma and relax.  

New Discoveries: Usually Works 

I try practicing a technique of what I call, “The Merriment.”  

Instead of allowing my brain to get distracted by negative things, I worked on combining the following emotional scenarios: 

  1. This makes me angry/upset. (Yes, embrace this briefly).
  2. I will try to say one positive statement about this. 
  3. Is there possibly a joke that can be made about this situation? 

Possible Epiphanies : Helps My Brain Feel Calm and Relaxed  

  1. Even self-proclaimed pirates like me can do this. 
  2. It’s important to relate and laugh through the process. 
  3. For every one negative thought, find two positives. 

#PirateCalm #Work4Happy   


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