Positive Thinking During a Pandemic

Everyday we wake up in this foggy state and I am sure some of you might be wondering … how can anyone possibly be happy with what is currently going on in the world today?

So I thought I would answer that question by first, saying it is really hard to stay positive during a pandemic. And second, I acknowledge that my perspective is a work in progress and on a spectrum that leans closer to the happier side of things.  

Here is what I am working on: 

  • Acceptance – that I should not have to ignore what is going on in my life especially when it is a less than pleasant/fun situation. 
  • Progress – I am trying to give Positive Thinking a try. 
  • Mindset – I want to enjoy approaching unpleasantness/things that are not fun in a more positive and productive way. 

As a result, below are five positive things that I am feeling lately

1. I noticed that I have access to certain really helpful things and, by observation of my daily routines, I am reminded that I have so many reasons to feel grateful. 

I am so thankful that I have essential resources like running water at this time. It should be mentioned that, in my current location, it even tastes refreshingly decent. I can recall once asking if I could have some tap water at a distant friend’s house and she made an embarrassed face at the thought. I tried it anyway. It was terrible. So comparatively speaking, I’m in pretty good shape here. 

2. I noticed that there are positively tempting things about this time for me. 

Like not having to commute to work. I don’t miss getting up early to drink my coffee from a travel mug. I don’t miss washing that very same travel mug in the evening. I don’t miss everyday traffic. I don’t miss radio commercials or the repetitive jingles. And I definitely don’t miss spending money to  regularly fill my gas tank. 

3.  I noticed that there are some comforts worth celebrating like the fact that I am oddly enjoying the extended use of my pajamas!  

Being a tactile person, I’m drawn to the comfort of the fabrics and I applaud those companies who have successfully engineered the pockets. I’ve discovered that I have “dressy pajamas” that are more appropriate for outdoor tasks like neighborhood walks or light garden work. I know other people are probably thinking this is some kind of inside joke you are having with yourself, but I’m on to you. 

4. I noticed how my perspective of emotions has evolved and it’s really interesting. 

For instance, I went for a walk and saw a playground with caution tape I wanted to immediately be sad about this. The longer I stood there, the more I recognized that I have never seen this before. I am currently witnessing a hyper-relevant moment in our history. It was as if I was looking at the most brilliant controversial piece of art that is both emotionally driven and politically significant. This time, in our history, will be a case study for at least the next 30 years and I am part of it. 

5. I noticed how being productive has helped me remain positive and in reflection, I have become aware that I am always learning new things about myself.

I understand that not everyone is going to feel accomplished after this is all over and that everyone’s quarantine looks and feels different. To embrace this, I have been spending a lot of time in the garden and organizing to keep my brain delightfully busy. I have also been playing a lot of 80s new wave music in the house and dancing.   

I am trying to use my time differently and to see it through the lens of Positive Thinking. I have more time to make phone calls to people I miss chatting with. I have more time to indulge in things that entertain me and I’m finding joy in laughing with myself. 

For example, apparently, I like spending time in my office. I think it is amusing crossing stuff off in all sorts of rainbow colors and using sticky notes like a madwoman. I even resurrected a pen pal using some silly but carefully designed stationary. The icing on the cake is that I finally had time to figure out the perfect placement of my desktop lamp! 

I can think of a lot of reasons to be upset but I choose to think of reasons to make myself happy. When I am faced with a strange happening, I choose to change my perspective of it by trying to balance being an informed person and a person who would rather be smiling through the awkward unsettling issues of the world.

Positive Thinking is a Choice for All of us.


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